Board Members

The Isabella Community Soup Kitchen (ICSK) Board is a working voluntary Board. The Board creates policies and procedures that administer ongoing day to day ICSK operational needs as well as oversees the general management of the Soup Kitchen. It exercises all powers that may be performed by the Soup Kitchen under the statutes of the State of Michigan, the Articles of Incorporation, the bylaws, and by the tax-exemption status I.R.C.501(c)(3).

Board Members:

Chair: Suzanne Woods
Vice-Chair: Carol Layman
Treasurer: Mark Lehman
Secretary: Julia Barlow Sherlock


  • Larry Collins
  • Russ Alwood
  • Monica Barrett
  • Richard Fleming
  • Ron Orwig
  • Rob Brown
  • Sherm Rowley
  • Tracy Schultz
  • Quana Hoffman
  • Tina Sawyer
  • Miklos Ferber
  • Paul Blanco
  • Melinda Brakenberry
  • Robert Powell
  • Susan Naeve-Velguth


We are seeking new members with backgrounds in business, fundraising, or public relations. Consider being a part of this very important service organization! If interested, please send a letter of interest along with a resume to:

P.O. Box 872, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804-0872 (Attention: Carol Layman, Personnel Chair)

Thank You!